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Listen to Gretchen and Gina on The Denise Taylor Show. We are introduced about 13.40 minutes into the show.


We believe that collaboration is the key to changing the world.

Teachers Pay Teachers –  A wonderful website that educators share their knowledge to advance children of all ages in all subjects.

Please visit us on Teachers Pay Teachers under the name Building Blocks of Happiness. Here you will find some of our positive techniques turned into individual lesson plans.

Below are other websites that promote a positive life style. We hope they speak to you, too.

We Get To – “We are conditioned in our society to go directly to what’s wrong or bad and forget about all that’s right and good! In order to persevere through the adversity in our lives, we GET to change the way we perceive the situation. Surprisingly, an attitude of gratitude can change EVERYTHING. We GET To is a nonprofit organization on a mission to recondition perspective to increase the peace and joy in the world. We’ll then do more than survive, we’ll thrive!” – Denise Taylor, speaker and author of Heavenly Birth

Curriculums: PreK to 8th grade

MindUp– “Through advocacy and educational, evidence-based programming in our schools, The Hawn Foundation seeks to provide children with the tools to succeed and thrive. Our objective is to develop and deliver social and emotional learning, supported by brain research, that nurtures children and ensures their future and ours.  By creating more optimistic classrooms and fostering more positive cultures in schools, we can help children lead happy, fulfilling lives. While children make up 25% of the world’s population, they are 100% of our future.”  – Hawn Foundation