Forever Young!

Gretchen 1976 Lake MitchellWe tend to look at life with a youthful heart and mind. We think we are still in our 20’s; when we could eat anything, could stay up all hours of the night, and could push ourselves to the limit doing everything, but our bodies ‘betray’ us.

I remember my mom telling me how much she wanted to roller skate again. She actually believed she could. I looked at my 70+ year old mother and just shook my head. Doesn’t she realize that if she fell that she could break a few bones? Now, in my 60’s, I finally “get” my mother.

In her mind and heart, she was young, free and capable of doing everything she once did. Time had not passed, she never aged and she was still young in her eyes.

We believe we will be forever young and in may ways we are. Our experiences seem to be more expansive than our parents or grandparents. We strive to be strong in both body and mind. Many of us are still working. Many of us are retired. Most of us have good health and in many ways are better now than when we were in our 20’s. Yet there are times when our bodies ‘betray’ us. 

I learned that recently when I fell and dislocated my shoulder. In my case, it was an indication to slow down a bit and let go. My recovery is taking longer than I expected and I have to forgo my ballroom dancing for a while to heal.

Even though I believe I am still youthful, what I learned was:

  • I am no longer physically in my 20’s and that it is okay.
  • Our bodies do not ‘betray’ us, they are just reminding us that we are aging and to do it gracefully.
  • We need to be kind and gentle with ourselves when we have a set back.
  • Sometimes we need to stay in the present moment to enjoy life and to be grateful for what we do have.
  • We can still learn and experience new things to keep us active and alive. We just need to understand our limitations.
  • It is wonderful being young at heart and in mind for it helps to keep the world fresh and new.

Here’s to being forever young!

Live, Laugh, Love


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