The Other Parents


Life can change in the blink of an eye. What we do with that change is completely up to us.

I became a grandmother for the very first time in July. The bundle of joy was born 5 weeks early and weighed 3 pounds 11 ounces. All time had stopped and she changed my life forever!

We think we are going down one path and at this point in our lives it may be relatively easy. Grandchildren changed that path to the point that there is no going back.

Many of us have raised our children and seen them off, hopefully, down their own path in life. We figured that now we have time to do the things we have always wanted to do. Some of us are living our dreams. Some of us found ourselves as ‘the other parents.’

It seems more and more retirees are now in the position of watching and even raising their grandchildren to some degree. While it may be challenging to keep up with little ones who can run circles around us, it is also an opportunity.

The time I spend with my granddaughter opens my eyes to a world I missed raising my own children. Working full time, taking care of the family, running here and there certainly added to the stress of my life. I missed so much of my children’s growing years. I felt that I had so little influence over the adults they had become.

Life gives us a second chance with grandchildren. We have the opportunity to do all the things we had intended to do with our own children. We watch them grow, change and experience their many firsts: their first smile, their first steps and their first words.

As grandparents, we have the time to just be with our grandchildren and give them undivided attention. It allows us to reverse any perceived mistakes we may have felt that we made with our own children. We can give and receive unconditional love without all the pressures of the outside world.

I know that it is different for every grandparent. Everyone has their own unique story to share. I can only speak for myself. To me, grandparents can be the guiding light for their grandchildren giving them the freedom to just be themselves. That is a true gift.

To all the grandparents out there, thank you for your love, patience and support, not only for your children but especially for your children’s children. You DO make a difference.

What do you love about being a grandparent? What is your unique story to share?

Live, Laugh, Love


“Law of Attraction”

You may have heard people speaking about the “law of attraction” and may have wondered, “what does it mean?”

The law of attraction is very simple – what you focus on is drawn to you. When you focus on what you want, you attract it into your life. The opposite is also true, when you focus on what you don’t want; you attract more of what you don’t want into your life. A positive outlook attracts a positive outcome. We are the creators of our own thoughts and therefore, we can deliberately choose the thoughts that make us feel good. Our emotions are the indicators that tell us when we are moving toward something we want. When we feel good, we are allowing what we want. When we feel bad, we are resisting what we want.

Just for a moment, imagine you are at a crossroad. Which way do you go?  One way could take you down a rocky, difficult road. Another way could take you down a smooth, easy and beautiful road. The choice is yours. Whichever you take, the longer you walk it, the road continues to rise up to met your expectations, your focus. It will be rocky or it will be smooth.

What you expect or focus on, is what you get. That is the basis of the law of attraction. It is important to remember that you always have a choice and you can deliberately change your thoughts to make yourself feel better.


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