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Gretchen Marie Fox

My name is Gretchen Marie Fox, and I am a certified Law of Attraction life coach and a certified Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) Consultant as well as a mother. After many years in the corporate world guiding project managers to create processes and procedures, I left big business to pursue my passion. Fusing my experience with my knowledge of the law of attraction, I have found a way to help children and adults consciously choose to be happier and more empowered in learning and in their lives. In addition to co-authoring Raising A Child’s Awareness, I’m also a Contributing Author of Heart to Heart: A Path to Wellness.



Gina 2014

Gina McCormick


I am Gina McCormick, a Gifted Coordinator and Consultant. I have a master’s degree in education and over twenty-five years of teaching experience.  An educator and a mother, I have worked as a classroom educator and gifted intervention specialist with children from kindergarten through junior high school. My experience  spans a variety of economic backgrounds and special needs. My creative nature and passion brings out the best in the children I teach.