Are YOU stressed, flustered and exhausted? 

Do you dream of children who are focused, happy and empowered?  Do you want the same for yourself? 

You can make a positive impact on the day; ensuring your children are happy and empowered.   

If you find it hard to face the day with enthusiasm…you’re not alone!

It’s common for us to face children who:

  • have trouble focusing due to outside situations
  • don’t know how to control or even understand their emotions and thoughts
  • are moody, belligerent or angry
  • disrespect each other and adults

In spite of these challenges, what you want to feel is a sense of pride and to be energized from making a positive impact in the lives of your children, and have a day that leaves you feeling less stressed, flustered and exhausted.


 Imagine ~ the ‘perfect’ day

A day where everyone gets along. It’s easy to communicate and stay focused.  A day where the children:

  • are more aware of their thoughts and emotions as they learn to resolve their own problems
  • can deliberately change their thoughts to feel better by playing a simple game
  • are more focused and engaged, participating with renewed, positive energy throughout the day.

Image the perfect day….  a day where the atmosphere is happier, lighter, freer, and where imagination flourishes. You feel happier and empowered, too!

Using the Raising A Child’s Awareness: A Guide to Happier, Empowered Childrenwe can help you get there!

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Quieting the Mind, Opening the Heart will help you work with children to turn negative emotions into a more positive outlookThis simple technique can be used in or outside of the classroom, by teachers, counselors and parents. It even has great results for adults!